About Us


ElektroPress Studio has formed 2007 to provide pre-press services. Our main principle is

high quality for friendly prices!

ElektroPress is a network of young Hungarian professionals - graphicians, DTP-operators, photographers and proof-readers. The quality of our work is excellent, but the prices are amazingly low. No, of course we are unable to compete with the Indian and Pakistanian prices - but we are really cheap compared with our European rivals.

What's the trick?

There is no trick! We just use the possibilities of the modern information technologies. We do not keep up a high-cost city-office with secretaries and other employees, representative cars and other 20th century stuffs. Our professionals are working in their own home, the most inspirative environment, with their own hardwares and softwares, they drink their own coffee in their own armchairs. Communication within the firm is totally internet-based and we are trying to use e-mails and messenger softwares to keep contact with our clients as well. 

Why you should choose us?

Because we give you everything what a publisher needs for success. We design and typeset your book, prepare it for traditional printing and modern electronic publishing at the same time, we make your project-sites and online bookshop, creating your e-newsletters, online and offline advertising materials or making a Facebook-page for you with managing an effective like-campaign.

We are flexible - we are thinking in projects and deadlines, not in 8-hour working days.

Give us a chance to show our quality!